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Discover how to make your business visible online; learn and earn from digital skills; create and sell digital products through our clear step-by-step digital marketing gigs, including affiliate marketing, designed to help you succeed.

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Do you want to start selling digital products or your are struggling to sell your already existing digital product. You don’t have to struggle any more, contact Kenobs digital products and skill online school.

In our online school, you’d discover the secrets to creating profitable products, the fastest way to creating and packaging your digital products, how to sell your digital products massively online and lots more.

To get started with Kenobs digital products and online school, let’s take you through the process.

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kenobs Personal Branding

ebook on personal brand

The digital world is full of clutter. Did you know that research show that we are exposed to upward of 5,000 marketing messages each day? Some are overt and others are more hidden, but in order for a marketing message to succeed it must stand out. Discover a step by step guide to branding your personal brand.

Kenobs Improve your mental focus

Ebook on mental focus

Discover the tips and strategies to stay focus in a world full of distractions. In this course, you’ll learn the very steps that highly productive people use to stay focused and get more done. . From both the employer and employee perspective, this is incredibly awesome to get more jobs done.

Kenobs Face Your Fears and Start Over

Ebook on starting over

Face Your Fears and Start Over is a life-changing secret guide for overcoming the challenge of being held hostage by your past mistakes. If you want to have a fresh start and great future, you owe it to yourself to learn the simple and powerful steps taught in this eBook. Explore the possibility of getting it right again.

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  • Website Design and Development
  • Online Visibility, SEO, SEM, Web Analytics
  • Social Media Revamping and Management
  • Digital Marketing and Advertising
  • Digital Product Creation, E-Books and Digital Graphics
  • Sales Video Creation
  • Photography and Video Coverage

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In our community, we share free digital marketing tips and run periodic trainings that will help you scale your business fast online. This community is divided into the Entry WhatsApp group and the Premier WhatsApp Group.

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Our vision is to create a digital marketing sustainable business course online future for young people to explore their creative powers and potentials in solving real life problems through their acquired digital skills and collaborative networking.

Our mission is geared towards diligently working towards achieving our digital marketing set goals and objectives on business course online. To continually monitoring our strategies in bringing out the best in every one we come in contact with.

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In our online digital marketing pursuit we promote:

  • Diligence
  • Excellence
  • Empathy
  • Results

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Love Beauty Project

Love Beauty Cosmetics and Skincare is a brand that offers high-quality, affordable products that empower individuals to embrace their natural beauty. They celebrate diversity and inclusivity while spreading love, positivity, and beauty to the world.

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Kamderas Collections

Kamderas Clothing Collections provides high-quality, affordable fashion for men, women, and kids. Our mission is to empower individuals to express themselves through their clothing choices. Shop with us for a seamless shopping experience and stylish, comfortable clothing.

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True Vocation

True Devotion is an online platform for spiritual guidance and resources, founded by an ex-Nun. Our mission is to empower individuals to deepen their connection with God through accessible and high-quality content. Join us on our journey of transformation through True Devotion.

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user Interface/user experience designs

The UI/UX designs orientation is very important when building our web sites. A good navigation depends on a well structured programming and plugins. User interface gives the user experience a balance. It also enables a good device responsive.

Much developments and innovations are being introduced in improving user experience. We are keen to adjust to the changes in improving the experience of users because because they are our future customers.



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