The term gamification originated in the digital media industry and was first documented in 2008 (Deterding, Dixon, Khaled, & Nacke, 2011) and is defined as the use of games design elements in non-game contexts (Deterding et al; 2011, p. 10).

Problem:  ICEK is a new entrant to mobile game. We intend to effectively reach out and market ICEK health mobile application to everyone regarding health management toolkit to promote healthy living. We would like Kenobs Studio and media enterprise to work on a range of tasks to help us develop and standardize our gaming mobile application for health education on a range of tasks to help users gain coping health education of virtual learning. They will develop a mobile frame work for the game health project to work on, add element integrations ( e.g. Java, Swift, C#, Python, and unreal engine) , adding an AI ( a deep learning) for gaming effect and behavior, testing , then hosting the app on various app platforms ( e.g. App Store for Androids and Apple Store for Iphones ). They will also help us draft a digital marketing roadmap as follows, registering the app on Google console, Google my business, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and Social Media Marketing.

App Owner: Dr Mrs. Clara Chinyere Mgweahurike.

App Developers: Kenobs Studios and Media Enterprises in collaboration with Altbri. They are skilled and proficient in the area of App Development, Game Development, Graphics Design, SEO/SEM, Web Analytics, Marketing Strategy Development, and Marketing Funnel Development.

Process: The app development is projected to be an intellectual property owned by Dr Mrs Clara Chinyere Mgbeahurike; it will take 3 months to fully develop the app with one year support to get the app running effectively. There are two possible options of creating the prototype, the 2D prototype and 3D prototype.

Snake and Ladder the competitor App is built on 2D prototype. We are looking at the possibility of building ICEK Health Game on 3D prototype.

With the physical card game given to us by the owner and the initiator of the game, we started by finding and looking into the following factors that would be beneficial to our project and research:

    ICEK App target market

    The business plan

    Market Strategy

    It’s Value Proposition

    The different buyer personas

    It’s Positioning Proposition

    Its competitors

ICEK App target market: From our research, we discovered that ICEK Game (as suggested) has three different target markets that are in need of its services. Which are: health practitioners, patients suffering health challenges, and healthy persons making efforts to live healthily.

The business Plan: We also discovered that ICEK Game (as suggested) has two different business models, which are the B2B and B2C business models. We categorized the all the health professionals as B2B. For this market segment, ICEK will be offering them with the opportunity to connect with the end users all the time. Every other person sick or looking for means to avoid health hazard, we classified as B2C market segments that would require the services as end users.

Market Strategy: With the above information and factors, we were able to develop a strong marketing strategy suitable for the business model of ICEK Health Game (Name as suggested). We therefore worked on the marketing strategy using the SOSTAC method. A brief explanation of SOSTAC: The SOSTAC method is a model that can be used to develop a marketing strategy for different business models, where S = Situational analysis (where the company is at the moment), O = Objective (Where the company wants to be), S = Strategy (How the company will get there), T = Tactics (What channel do we use to get there and how?). A stands for action (who does what and when).C = Control (How do we measure our results?)

Company’s Situational Analysis: The situational analysis talks about the current position of the company as regards growth, and we were able to discover the current situation of ICEK Health Game using the information we found.

The company’s current situation: ICEK was founded in 2013 by Dr Mr. Clara Chinyere Mgweahurike with the aim of educating Health Practitioners and app users on how to live healthily through app/game technology. The physical board game has been fully developed. There is plan to establish the game on the internet for online visibility and four social media platforms, namely: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The ICEK Game website and app are underway. The game once installed as mobile app can be played online and offline.

Value proposition: Providing healthy living games that will educate people on how to live healthily via app/web technology.

The different buyer personas

Kenobs Buyer Persona 02
Kenobs Buyer Persona
Kenobs Buyer Persona

Pain Points: It is frustrating looking for health apps that you would like to recommend to a patient and you discover that the patients are complaining and finding it difficult to use the app as a result of poor user interface, not much information, the app is constantly hanging and you have to reboot. It is annoying. It becomes more annoying if you perceive that the app is expensive compare to other apps of same category, and yet not offering much value to the user.

Positioning statement:

About ICEK Game (Suggested name)  is a virtual  game for healthy living promotion and leisure game poised to revolutionize the health and learning sector by connecting users to improving their health status and having a assisted aid of playing and enjoying gamification  within area of health improvement, at an affordable cost, and guaranteeing healthy living and safe behaviour.

Competitors: Then we looked at the different competitors of the App that are already operational, with the strongest being Snake and Ladder in Nigeria, holding a large percentage of Health Game App.

Consumer behavior: ICEK is a game proposed to drive healthy consumer behaviour. It is going to be using multiple low-priced services and timely delivery of user tokens because users are very time-conscious as time, they say, is money. To assure widespread availability to users are reached, we wish to go through the health practitioners who currently have access to patients and people facing health challenges. They are active health practitioners and are active, representing 50% of our brand awareness. We take advantage of our strong partnership with them with key hospital service providers, discounts, referrals, etc.,. Other 50% customers find us through online local listings.


Of course, I wouldn’t drop my pen without saying thank you to you for reading this far. It was indeed a long summary of what we plan for ICEK as we work ahead.

Outside of the entire expansions gained from the research and from the development of this strategy, I would say that I now see innovation from a different perspective and with a different eye.

With this, innovation goes beyond developing ideas; it also entails carrying everyone who will be directly or indirectly involved along. I understand that innovation is a journey, and as I continue on this path, I will remain open to receiving new initiatives, as the customers and end users should be my primary focus, not the ideas themselves.